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Do It Yourself

Building your own website is not that difficult these days. It does take some time and the right tools but it is something just about anyone can do.

As we've mentioned, certainly you want to understand your own business, and if you are passionate about what you do, it will make it easier to write content and build credibility within your topic. Be sure to research that niche so you can find your own "sweet spot" where there is enough demand, not too much competition, and you have strong money-making potential.

But I Don't Have Any Web Design or HTML Skills?online marketing success

These days if you can send email or use a Word Processor you can build a website. Most good site-builders will come with templates of predesigned sites that you can choose and customize to meet your needs.

There really are no technical skill limitations at all these days. You don't need to know Photoshop, or Dreamweaver, or even own a computer. If you can get access to a computer at the library you can build a site entirely online. We'll tell you more about how to do that in a second.

But I Can't Write?

Writing for the web is not rocket surgery. They say you should write at an 8th grade level to keep it simple for the average web surfer. And with all the online help and freelance services available you can even find someone to write much of it for you.

But it is far better to write your content yourself. That way you can put your own personality and passion into what you write. Approach your writing as helping people and sharing your knowledge and it will begin to flow.

If you are writing about something you know and care about it will make it far easier. Worst case is you'll need to do some research to fill in the gaps in your knowledge or get up to speed in your niche. But you'll be learning about something you love so it should be fun anyways.

What may be more important than being a great writer is the motivation to write a lot. The more pages you can create the more content the Search Engines will be able to find. So be sure to pick a niche where you feel you can create plenty of content.

But I Don't Have Anything To Sell?

If you can find a niche that has good demand and you can write good content you already have a product... your information. You've just become an info-preneur.

Use your great information to attract search engine visitors. Then you can find ways to monetize that traffic.

Google AdSense will be your first monetization partner. Google will put relevant ads on your site based on your content. This is called "contextual advertising." Some folks make a full-time living from their AdSense monetization once they have a few sites.

Next you'll look for merchants in your niche that have affiliate programs. You advertise their products and services on your site and when someone clicks through and buys you get a commission. No products to inventory, no customers to deal with. Sweet!

Here's a list of great monetization partners to consider. But once you find the right niche you'll want to look for merchants that offer what your site visitors need.

What If I Already Have A Niche And A Business?

Even better. Use your site to attract local customers to grow your business. If your site is properly built they'll find you on Google and other SEs. More and more people are searching online for local goods and services all the time. The Yellow Pages is fast becoming old news.

You'll also be able to sell your product to a global marketplace. If you sell hard goods you can ship to just about anywhere in the world.

If you can't sell your product globally you can use your site as an online brochure to create more credibility for yourself and keep your customers updated.

You can also use it to build an email list of local customers and then let them know about the latest product or promotion. In other words, use your site to build a relationship with your local customers.

You can also use your site to monetize in other ways. Share your business expertise and knowledge on your site and visitors from all over the world will find you. You can then make money with Google AdSense or through other merchant partners that sell products you don't offer. You can actually grow and diversify your existing business with a website.

What "System" To Use?

For anyone thinking they may have the time and motivation to build their own website we recommend Site Build It!. This "system" includes all the tools you need to build your own online business.

The beauty of the SBI! system is it packs every tool imaginable into it's "toolbox" so everything is in one place. It uses the Content-Traffic-Preselling-Monetization process we highly recommend as the basis for its system.

People with absolutely no online marketing experience have used the system to start their own online business from home. Some eventually quit their day jobs and became full-time online marketers. Here's some case studies of folks who've actually changed their lives with Site Build It!.

Because the system is a web-based system you don't even need to own your own computer. If you can get access to a computer with an internet connection at a library or a school you can build your site and business there. Everything is done online. So that also means you can work on your site any place you go.

Just about every site we build is based on the Site Build It! system because we know it works. It's logical, simple, and straight forward and there's plenty of help along the way.

It's clearly not a "get-rich-quick" system however. It will take plenty of motivation and time to keep following the process they offer. But if you've got the persistence Site Build It! will deliver.

If you'd like to learn more about the SBI! system check out this video.