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Website Design - Overview

There are three main marketing techniques for reaching customers online.

Whether you plan to sell your own goods and services or whether you plan to use affiliate marketing to sell other companies products, you'll use one of these three techniques. More than likely you'll use elements of all three.

Typically, however, your prospects will arrive on a website sooner or later. They may come from a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign or via an email marketing promotion but in order to complete the transaction they'll need to use a contact form or a shopping cart page on a website.

Can Anyone Build A Website?

Yes! Absolutely!

Today the technology is so advanced that anyone who can send email or use a basic word processor can build a website. You need no HTML or advanced computer skills to build a site that succeeds.

And you don't need to own site-building software. With today's Content Managment Systems (CMS) you do all your site building online using your browser. Site Build It! is an example of a CMS that we know works. In fact we use it ourselves to build websites for ourselves and others. WordPress is another CMS that works well.

Why Build A Website?

There are lots of reasons to build a website. Of course making money by selling a product or service is one of the main reasons but there can be many other more personal reasons to build a site.

Whatever type of website you build there is one thing you'll want... visitors. A site with no visitors is pretty much "lost in space." Nothing happens until someone visits your site... nothing is sold, no information is exchanged, and you definitely can't build a relationship.

However many people believe that just putting up a site is all it takes to attract the search engines... "build it and they will come." They think getting visitors to their site just happens.

Sorry to say it doesn't work that way. With over 100 million websites and thousands added every day, it gets harder and harder to be found on the Web. That's why it's so important to build your website properly.

Getting Traffic - The Search Engine Factor

So how DO people find your site?

Of course the number one way is by using a Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, or MSN. But what are people searching for? Well the short answer is "information." But understanding the specifics of how people use these "keyword search phrases" is the key to building a successful website.

Search Engines are in the business of giving people the information they want. For a Search Engine to succeed it must provide more relevant information than the next guy. Otherwise the searcher will choose another search tool. So the SEs must determine the best sites with the best information to show in their listings.

So how does Google know that one site has better information than an other site?

Google sends out a "robot" that searches every page on the Internet to analyze it's content. These "spiders" crawl the nooks and crannies of every website and bring back an analysis of that site. They use a defined set of criteria, called an algorithm, to determine a site's quality. Search Engines constantly update these algorithms so they can provide better and better results.

Once it has rated a site the SE indexes the pages and provides the "content" to it customers (searchers) via its Search Engine Results Page (SERP). The most relevant sites are listed first and the next listed second and so on.

So building a site that is "search engine friendly" is critical for online success.

Click here to learn more about getting traffic to your site.

Staking Out Your Niche

An important factor for getting found in the Search Engines is choosing site content that is in demand. The more people searching for that content the better chance of being found.

However, demand must be balanced by competition. The more sites already in that niche with similar content will make it more difficult to list highly in the SEs.

So choosing the right balance between demand (searchers) and supply (competition) means you'll have a better chance of success. Finding that "sweet spot" is the goal.

Of course if you have an existing business your site's topic may already be predetermined. You'll have less flexibility in defining your site's theme and content. But knowing how to claim unique parts of that niche can make a big difference in traffic.

The secret to finding the "sweet spot" for your business is doing Keyword Research up front. This is something you do long before you start building your site and even before you decide on a domain name.

Click here to learn more about finding the right niche.


The "secret" to a successful site is understanding how people actually use the Web. We believe that the right content brings in traffic and then preselling that traffic creates credibility for you. Once you've built credibility and trust with your visitors they will be far more likely to take your recommendations and buy your product or service. This formula is called C-T-P-M and has been proven through thousands of successful websites. It is the best way to get free traffic for you site.

We base many of our site designs on this C-T-P-M process. We know it leads to sites that achieve Search Engine rankings in the top 3% of all websites. You can build your own site using this process or we can build a site for you.


The only problem with the C-T-P-M process is it takes many months to get that free traffic to your site. If you have a product to sell with a good margin then there may be another way to get traffic to your site. We call it the M-P-T-C model.

With this model you optimize your site to make money and attract folks who are currently looking for your "solution" online. These folks know what they want and are ready to buy it if you can have what they need.

In this model you'll buy your traffic via Pay Per Click. PPC will get traffic to your website within hours instead of months. This is a more sophisticated approach and you need to have a good understanding of keywords, Search Engines, and also have a page on your site that is optimized for conversion to sales. If you can get a positive Return On Your Investment (ROI) (make more than your spend) then PPC is a great way to jump start your business and get your site off the ground.

What Happens Once Someone Arrives On Your Site?

Getting traffic to your site is a critical factor in online success but it's not the only one. Once someone arrives you still must deliver value or or your visitor won't stick around long.

Your site's "visitor experience" may be even more important to your long-term success than getting traffic in the first place. Click here to learn more about creating credibility, or Preselling, as we call it.

Building Your Own Site

These days it's very easy to build your own website. Easy "site builders" and predesigned "templates" make building a site simple enough for anyone. But as we've mentioned, just getting a site on the Web is not enough to succeed. It needs to be built properly and with the Search Engines and eventual monetization options considered upfront.

We can recommend some systems that allow anyone to build their own site and succeed like the big boys. One system uses the C-T-P-M formula we use ourselves and also provides a complete set of easy-to-use site-building tools. You can also put together your own set of tools if you like. We'll explain exactly what you'll need on our Do It Yourself page.

Building Your Site For You

Of course if you don't have the time or feel your site will require advanced features and capabilities we'll be happy to help you build your site. We can even build a site that you can "take over" later if you like. The best of both worlds.

All of our sites include complete "brainstorming" to make sure you have a solid, long-term foundation and plan. The best "content" to attract the Search Engines is determined before we even start building your site.

We'll work together to make sure your site's look and feel have a professional, credibility-creating look and that your brand is well represented. If you require special, industry-related content we'll work with you to develop that.

Hosting and domain name selection are included as well as all required shopping cart and transaction processing. Your site will not only be ready for traffic but also ready to start making money immediately. Click here to learn more.